Maria Terzita Costa - Death Certificate - Australia

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Maria Terzita’s death certificate.


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  • Event: Death
  • Father’s name: COSTA Felice
  • Mother’s name: Caterina (Unknown)
  • Reg. year: 1966
  • Reg. no: 22726


When and where died Coburg
Usual Place of Residence 1 Melville Road, West Brunswick
Name and Surname Maria Terzita SANTAMARIA
Occupation Home Duties
Sex and age Female, 77 years
Case of death Uraemia - 2 weeks, Arteriosclerosis - months, General arteriosclerosis with cerebral atrophy - years
Legally qualified medical practitioner by whom certified J. O’Brien
When last saw deceased 10th October 1966
Name and surname of father and mother (maiden name if known), with occupation Felice Costa, Caterina Costa (maiden name unknown), Unknown
Signature, description and residence of informant Certified by J. Santamaria, 1 Melville Road, West Brunswick. Husband.
Signature of registration office, date, and where registered 17th October 1966, Melbourne
When and where buried 13 October 1966, Melbourne General Cemetery, Carlton
Undertaker by whom certified M. Mulqueen
Name and religion of minister or names of witnesses of burial D. Mulqueen, M. Dubock
Where born Italy
How long in the Australian states, stating which 57 years in Victoria
Where married Melbourne, Victoria
Age married 25 years
Married to whom Joseph Santamaria
Conjugal condition at date of death Married
Issue in order of birth, the names and ages Bartholomew, 51 years; Josephine, 49 years; Felice, 47 years; Joseph, 42 years; Bernard, 39 years; John, 34 years

  • Document mentions Maria Terzita Costa.
  • Is document of type Death Certificate.